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Chanelle McCleary

Chanelle McCleary

[vc_table 0=””][b;18px]Age%3A,[18px]24|[b;18px]Job%3A,[18px]Model|[b;18px]From%3A,[18px]Manchester|[b;18px]Relationship%20Status%3A,[18px]In%20a%20relationship[/vc_table]

Chanelle has spent over £15,000 on cosmetic surgery.

She is known for her very distinctive laugh.

Chanelle calls herself an ‘It’ girl and has featured in Ex On The Beach Once someone annoys her she can’t help but blow her lid, she says ‘I’m like a whirlwind of emotions’

WHY BIG BROTHER? “I want to let down my weave and cause some mayhem!”

Latest from Chanelle

Cameron Cole crowned the winner of last ever Big Brother

Vlogger Cameron Cole has been crowned the 19th and possibly last ever winner of Big Brother in the show’s finale on Channel 5 Monday night. The 19-year-old beat out Akeem Griffiths in the final head-to-head battle and takes home the £100,000 prize. Cameron looked to be in shock and exited the house to fireworks and […]

BBUK Week 6 recap: The power of “knowledge” and not one but TWO shock exits

Despite the final ever Big Brother Final just less than a week away, that hasn’t stopped the twists and turns with eight housemates left at the beginning of the week. Missed anything? No worries! Let’s dive into another weekly recap. The Puzzle is complete! The final puzzle piece was up for grabs in this week’s […]

Tomasz Wania is evicted from the Big Brother house

Tomasz Wania has become the seventh housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. He had been facing eviction alongside Akeem Griffiths and Cian Carrigan. When asked by Emma Willis if he’d thought he could win Big Brother, Tomasz said: “Oh, no, no, no…I just have trouble believing in myself sometimes. I just wanted […]

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