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Mandy Longworth

Mandy Longworth


Mandy claims to have an ‘inseparable’ mother/daughter relationship with her daughter Charlotte who is also a housemate.

Mandy thinks she has a better sex life than her daughter.

She wants to find love in the house ‘someone of a similar age, a bit of money and a man that hasn’t dated a lot of young women’.

WHY BIG BROTHER? “When you get to my age, life feels dull, I am still 21 in my head and I need stimulation. I need something stronger
than coffee – Big Brother is that.”

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Cameron Cole crowned the winner of last ever Big Brother

Vlogger Cameron Cole has been crowned the 19th and possibly last ever winner of Big Brother in the show’s finale on Channel 5 Monday night. The 19-year-old beat out Akeem Griffiths in the final head-to-head battle and takes home the £100,000 prize. Cameron looked to be in shock and exited the house to fireworks and […]

Isabella Farnese evicted from the Big Brother house after double eviction

Isabella Farnese has become the sixth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house during tonights ‘Week of Big Brother in one night’ double eviction twist. Immediately following Hussain’s eviction from the house, Emma Willis announced to the house there would be a week of Big Brother in one night starting with speed nominations in […]

Housemates compete in ‘Stress Ball’ Gamechanger competition

Big Brother unleashed another Gamechanger competition on the house this week called ‘Stress Ball’. Playing this week were nominees Hussain, Isabella and Tomasz, richest housemate Cameron and two housemates of his choice: Brooke and Zoe. Lewis was not permitted to take part in this weeks competition as he received the secret ‘ultimate power nomination’ from […]

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