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Alicia Douvall

Age: 35:
From: UK
Famous For: Model

What made you say yes?

It’s an opportunity to introduce myself to a new audience and for people to see the real me. I don’t think I have given people a chance to meet the real me before.

So do you think people have inaccurate preconceptions about you?
Yes. I was a model and I was partying and dating a string of celebrities, but I have grown up since then. I’ve got two kids. I am a completely different person but I am still tarred with the same brush, so I think it will be nice for people to see who I really am.

What do your kids think about it?

Well one is only three, but the 19 year old is excited. I think she’s worried about what will come out of my mouth but she is excited because all of her friends watch it.

You’ve spoken about relationships that
you’ve had with famous men. Will they
be worried about what you might say?
Yes, of course they will be worried! If
they know me, they know that I am
very honest and sometimes I say things
by mistake that shouldn’t really come
out, especially if I am relaxed and talking to people. I’ll try not to talk about it but if I am in a conversation, I will be honest because it’s part of my life. It’s not just their life, it’s my life as well.

Do you have any fears about the house?

Arguments. I’m hoping I won’t get into any major arguments. I’m sure I will because that is part of the show, but I’m hoping I can come out unscarred from any arguments. I love a good argument, I’m the first one there, but I hope I’ll avoid them!

Is there anyone you’d hate to share the house with?

There are rumors about Katie Hopkins. I definitely do not want to be in a house with her. And any ex boyfriends would be a bit embarrassing.

Who would you love to see in there?

Jack Nicholson, Channing Tatum and Simon Cowell! Simon is a gentleman so I would be happy to be in there with him.

What bad habits do you hate?

I can’t stand people who snore. I will not be able to sleep if someone snores. I’ll throw something at them because it is really annoying! Manners are important. We are all in the same house and the same show, but if there is anyone in there who thinks they are the same person they were in the 80s or whenever then that will grate on me after a while!

Is there anyone you’ve seen on the show and thought they did a good job?

I saw the Lee Ryan one with Casey Batchelor and Jasmine Waltz. I thought it was a really good show and I would have been one of those gullible girls!

Would you give advice to any younger celebs on the show?

No! It’s a game show isn’t it? I want to win and I’m not there to help other people, I’m trying to get to the end myself! I’m very competitive, that would be one of my flaws.

Will you help with the cooking?

I don’t cook and I don’t clean. I make green smoothies. If you can’t make it in a VitaMix, then that’s it. I’m going to try and get a VitaMix in there because otherwise I’ll starve!

Would you like to meet someone in the house?

Well I’m single so it is a possibility but I would definitely not want to be stuck in a love triangle, it is so humiliating and it would always be me that was left out! I’d definitely like to meet someone if there are enough single guys in there. I would like to meet someone because it’d pass some time and you’d really get to know them!

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