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Danielle McMahon

danielle_profileAge: 25

From: Glasgow

Catholic Lingerie Model

Lives her life by strict Catholic values.

She doesn’t believe in gay marriage but says she isn’t homophobic.

She is very business minded and aspires to have her own successful business. She is currently trying to set up a business making a ‘new type of Wonderbra’ and is trying to secure an investment. She is very focused, ‘I know what I want and I know how to get it’.

She has strict and ‘old-fashioned’ views and believes ‘things were better years ago’. She believes in traditional gender roles and feels the ‘1950s housewife was a better role model’.

Danielle’s idols are God and her mum. She used to idolise Britney Spears ‘until she went crazy’. 

The last argument Danielle had was a few weeks ago with a guy in a club. He got annoyed because he had bought Danielle and her friend drinks and expected them to talk to him. Danielle had a go at him, ‘he thought that just buying us a drink meant we had to be all over him’.

She tends to go on a night out at least once a fortnight and her usual night out would begin with her friends coming over to her place. They get ready, open some of her ‘vintage champagne’ and then go to a club until about 2am. Sometimes they go to after parties but Danielle is sceptical about these as ‘they can be sleazy’. She has never had a kebab in her life.

She thinks her friends would describe her as ‘confident, savvy, intelligent, determined and sensible’. She is never reckless and will ‘never wholeheartedly let my hair down’.

Danielle is currently single and has only had two long term relationships, both with Catholic boys. She says she will always be ‘upfront about not believing in sex before marriage’.

In the house, she would get on best with ‘well mannered, cultured, mature people’. She likes to keep her cards close to her chest and thinks she may clash with ‘liberal girls’ who tell lots of vulgar stories.

After Big Brother, Danielle wants to be a role model for women and young girls and help them to aim higher. She is disgusted at the trends at the moment for revealing clothes and doesn’t think you need to dress like that to be successful. She wants to show people how to have ‘class, flair and charisma’.


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