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Helen Wood

helen_profileAge: 27

From: Bolton

Feisty Northerner

Helen is a down to earth Northerner who tells it like it is.

She hit headlines three years ago when she was involved in a tabloid scandal involving a well-known personality. She says she doesn’t regret her actions but wishes it hadn’t come out in the press where it got blown out of all proportion.

She lives with her son who is ten and absolutely adores him.

Helen has very forthright views, and compares herself to Katie Hopkins. ‘I’m massively against abortion. She was brought up a Catholic, ‘I truly believe that Catholic schools are better than non-faith schools’ but doesn’t practise now.

Helen’s best personality trait is making others laugh. ‘I’ve always been the class clown, and I think it’s important to always have a sense of humour, I’m rarely serious’. 

She doesn’t like that she gets stressed really easily and has a short temper.

She recently spent £6,000 on veneers.

Her friends describe her as fiercely protective and very caring. ‘I can be nasty if I need to be, though I hate bullies’. She also ‘hates s**t-stirrers and people with hidden agendas’. 

Helen is single and has been for the last year as she finds it hard to trust men. ‘I went from being a f***ing horn dog, borderline sex addict to not having sex at all. Let’s just say, I’ve learned a lot about myself from celibacy’. 

She doesn’t have a type as such, but hates materialistic people and loves a man that can make her laugh. ‘I obviously wouldn’t go out with a guy that’s ugly as f**k. I can’t stand bad teeth’. 

Helen’s not looking for love in the house and says, ‘I’m going to carry on my celibacy in the house. I find it cringe when people crack onto me. I really am quite frigid and awkward when it comes to blokes’. 

She’s very competitive and often thinks she’s better than what she is. ‘I’m up for anything the more physical the better’. 

Helen gets on best with people who are real. ‘There’s nothing worse than a fake f***er. I also hate girls who act thick when they’re not”.


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