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Marlon Wallen

marlon_profileAge: 22

From: Croydon

Flirty Jack-The-Lad

Marlon classes himself as a ‘wild boy’ and spends all his money on his appearance and going out clubbing.

He would rather have money than love ‘I would rather be lonely in a Ferrari, than in love in an old banger’.

Has an alter ego called Marlicio Silver and wants to show the world what he is all about.

Marlon is passionate about ‘girls and having a good time’.

He describes himself as ‘happy-go-lucky’ and says he ‘can make anyone smile’. He does also like to annoy people and ‘push their buttons’ and can be incredibly stubborn.

Marlon is very confident with the ladies and says he doesn’t dislike anything about himself.

Marlon classes himself as a ‘wild boy’ and spends all his money on clothes, clubbing, girls and ‘looking good’. The most expensive item he has ever bought is a pair of Louboutin shoes which cost him £800.

He’s not looking for love in the house but says that if there is an attractive girl in there, he will ‘put it on her’. He thinks he can ‘probably get in her knickers’ and boasts he could do this without anyone knowing.

He would enjoy secret tasks and says he is a really good actor ‘I could lie to you and you wouldn’t know’.

He plans to get it on with at least two different girls in the house. Sex is a big thing for him and he says ‘I don’t mind getting my dick out, it’s huge’.

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