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Zoe Birkett

zoe_profileAge: 29

From: Durham

Bubbly Musical Theatre Star

Zoe describes herself as ‘a real life walking Pocahontas’ and the British version of Beyoncé.

She has just recently finished performing in the West End musical Thriller: Live and was once the ‘little podgy kid from Pop Idol with the dreadlocks.’

Zoe is very close to her family but admits they are ‘bonkers’. She runs ‘every little thing past them and if they don’t agree, then I won’t do it.’ She says they keep her ‘humble and sane’

Since leaving home, she has always lived alone and can’t imagine sharing a house, even if she gets married.  She admits to being the ‘worst snorer in the world.’

Zoe is passionate about life and classes herself as ‘a massive joker who lives and breathes music’.  She tries hard not to ever be negative as she believes ‘you’re born and you die and it’s all about the middle bit and what you do with it.

’She thinks her best personality trait is being funny and having a ‘good energy which can lift other people’s moods.’   Her worst trait is that she gets bored very quickly and always needs people to bounce off.  She has, ‘absolutely no patience’, and thinks that this could be problematic in the house.

When it comes to men, Zoe says she has a definite type; tanned skin, dark hair with tattoos.  She dated Anthony Hutton from Big Brother 6 for six years but since then hasn’t had any other serious relationships. Zoe has always been faithful but admits to always being the dumper in her relationships.

Zoe gets on best with positive and interesting people who aren’t in the same business as her and would struggle to get on with ‘beige people’ and those who ‘don’t grab life by the horns.’

Zoe thinks she would be a fun, energetic housemate who is full of banter.  She says she is a ‘gay man trapped inside a woman’s body.She thinks it will be hard for her to win because she is joining the show half way through.  She believes she could but it will be harder because ‘people have made relationships and the public probably already have their favourites’.

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