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Calum Best

Age: 33
Famous For: Model / TV Personality

Why do you want to go into the house?

The biggest reason for me is that now, at 33, being good in my health, good in my head and my soul, I just want to show people the kind of person that I am now. The last time I did a national TV show was ten years ago and that was Love Island. I was 24 years old and I have been through so much between then and now.

I’ve come from such a dark place of losing my dad then drinking and partying every single night to training and eating well. My head is so much clearer than it ever was. I still have some demons and insecurities but the last two years have been some of the best of my life.

So you’re not going in as the sex symbol?

There have been press pieces saying Calum is going in to sex up the show and it’s like, ‘Are you serious?’ I’d be taking 20 steps backwards if I had sex on national television!

So the partying is all behind you?

I indulge, but I’m not going on here to get pissed and chase girls. That’s not my vibe at all. It was at some point in my life. But I’m no born again Christian. I will still go on here and have some fun. I have no problem in getting my kit off. I’ll be cruising around in my underwear, but I am a different person.

So there’s no chance of a relationship?

If there is a girl and something evolves organically then I like the idea of going in there and getting on with somebody, but it isn’t a focus of mine. My focus is going in there and making some cool friends having some banter and if something organically came about then let it be.

Are you a good housemate?

I like to think I am well mannered and charming and will keep the peace as much as possible. If someone was really rude to someone then you would have to step in and be like that is a bit much. I like to think that I am a leader in some ways. I am happily going in offering to cook every night and I’ll do the cleaning up. I’m quite good in those ways. I’m no diva. I might pull a strop or two but I don’t plan on it!

Will your famous exes need to worry about what you might say?

No that’s not my style. I wouldn’t really talk about other people’s things. I don’t think anybody needs to be worried about anything. I’m not a kiss and tell, that’s horrendous.

And what if one was in the house?

I don’t think I’d have a problem with any ex. If I saw an ex I’d be like ‘good to see you let’s make this the best situation we can’. If they thought different then we would have to figure it out!

What would your Dad have said?

He’d probably have been like, ‘what are you doing son?’. I’d like to think my dad would be like ‘good on you son. I’m proud of you, go in there and do your best. Hopefully people will like it and enjoy it and if they don’t well at least you gave it a shot’.

What is your greatest fear going in to the house?

Getting in a big row. I don’t want to have a serious kick off. I have a pretty bad temper, but for me to lose it would have to be pretty severe. I just hope there are problems with other people and I can watch from a distance!

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