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Celebrity Big Brother

Channel 5 eye former CBB stars for action packed all star series!

It’s been reported that Channel 5 are planning a very special action packed all stars edition of the show to coincide with the 20th (that’s not a typo)… 20th series of the show!

The Sun reports that controversial housemates such as Perez Hilton, Katie Hopkins and Speidi may be making a return to the house!

A source told the newspaper,

“Bringing back the celebs they know will cause the drama would result in the most explosive series so far.

“Usually celebrity housemates brag about how controversial and confrontational they’ll be while being screened by producers before going in, but then nothing happens.

“This way there’ll be no dull moments as they know who’ll be worth their fee.”

We asked you on twitter who you’d like to see return for an All Starts series with the likes of Perez, Michelle Visage, Speidi and even Rylan topping the wish list of many!

Personally, we’d love to see a 2nd Ultimate series with a mixture of former Celeb and Civilian housemates… because who doesn’t want to see BB legends Jayne Connery and Nikki Graeme in there together?… of course you do!

Meanwhile, Big Brother is getting ready to boot out another of the current occupants – tune in to tonight’s show live at 9pm on Channel 5/TV3 to find out who goes!

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