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David McIntosh

DavidDavid is a British TV personality, ex-Gladiator, actor, model, fitness expert and more recently has become well known for being Kelly Brook’s fiancé.

When he turned 16, David was able to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a Royal Marines Commando, which is known to be the hardest and longest military training in the world. He served in many conflict zones from the Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Northern Ireland.

Upon leaving the Royal Marines, the real life action hero landed the role of Gladiator “Tornado” on SKY 1’s hit show Gladiators. 

He is currently engaged to Kelly Brook after proposing to her after their 12 week whirlwind romance back in March 2014.

In March this year he made headlines when he crashed his van carrying a load of dead badgers after falling asleep at the wheel while on a controversial animal cull. David had managed to get the job as a driver despite having his licence for that class of vehicle suspended for running a red light in 2005.

Last year he joined forces with NYC photographer Maya Guez to expand his ‘brand’ by creating his own line of unique merchandise – online fitness programmes and his 2014 calendar featuring himself which have been launched on his official website.


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