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Big Brother 18

House kicks off, as conversation turns to politics

Tensions are running high in the house, ahead of tonight’s eviction.

Rebecca is emotional in the Diary Room after Big Brother confiscates her make-up.

Arthur quizzes Rebecca on her relationship with Kieran, and pushes her on whether she has feelings for him.

Politics is front and centre of today’s task. The Citizens and Exiles gather at the sofa’s and go head to head across a range of hot button topics and it all kicks off.

Rebecca argues that “if you want to have children, you should be paying for them to have breakfast, lunch and dinner and if you can’t afford to give them lunch then you shouldn’t be having children”.

Sukhvinder shares views on taxation for higher earners, and says “My opinion is that we all have the same 24 hours so if I choose to get off my arse and go and earn my money, better my life and work the jobs I choose to do, what right does someone have to then say that I should be taxed more than someone who can’t be f**king bothered. Where’s the incentive to better people’s lives. Why do people think its ok to be poor?”

Arthur brings a topic to the discussion floor and says he would like to hear what Imran thinks regarding his opinion that the world is flat. Arthur wants to debate Imran’s opinion further with the housemates but is met with Sukhvinder and Imran’s calls for him to shut up.

Imran and Sukhvinder talk to the diary room about their upset of being confronted by Arthur.

For the second part of today’s task, Housemates join the nation in casting their votes for who they would like to see win the General Election.

Kieran talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room about his relationship with Rebecca and says she can stick up for herself and they are just friends. Rebecca later questions his loyalty and admits she feels he is being distant, leading to tensions growing between the pair.

Mandy talks in the Diary Room about being a big fan of Kieran and Lotan. She say’s “I am dribbling right now, because of Kieran and Lotan. They are hot! Kieran’s got the nicest lips of any man I’ve ever seen in my life. Lotan’s hilarious, I couldn’t pick, so both. Mummy sandwich!”. Mandy later requests a lap-dance from Lotan if she survives the eviction. She say’s “I’m a red blooded female and I would really enjoy a bit of a dance”.

Arthur is up to no good in the garden and is writing on the wall with nail varnish.

Lotan and Arthur do a sexy dance for Mandy and the exiled Housemate’s.

Who goes? Yo…no wait, Tom decides! Tune into Channel 5/3e at 9pm to see all the action unfold live!

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