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Celebrity Big Brother 16

Looking back at CBB ads – Feature

With the launch of the 16th series of Celebrity Big Brother just 6 days away, Big Blagger takes a look back at the trailers for past series.

Celebrity Big Brother 2002

There were around 7 trailers for the second series of Celebrity Big Brother, all staring comedian Leigh Francis as his alter ego of the time ‘Avid Merrion’.

Celebrity Big Brother 2006

The trailer for Celebrity Big Brother 2006 was a rather basic affair, featuring the Celebrity Big Brother eye and images of the house, with Big Brother narrating his famous rules.

Celebrity Big Brother 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007 will always be remembered for it’s race row between the late Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty. The ad campaign for the series was similar to that of the summer series the year before, featuring the twisted eye design and house images. A version minus the images of the house was also broadcast.

Celebrity Big Brother 2009

Celebrity Big Brother took a break in 2008 due to the race row a year earlier. The series returned in January 2009 follower the shattered theme.

Celebrity Big Brother 2010

“Hell lies in others” was the strapline for the final series to air on Channel 4. The series was billed as the last ever Celebrity Big Brother, however the show returned just a year later to rival and current broadcaster Channel 5.

Celebrity Big Brother 2011

This is the first series of Celebrity Big Brother to air on Channel 5. Featuring housemates from past series of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother, the minute long trailer has the ex housemates sining along to ‘When Bruv Takes Over’

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 (Winter)

The trailer for the January edition of Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 had featured host Brian Dowling asking Big Brother about who was entering the house, and ended with Brian demanding ‘Let’s Play!’

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 (Summer)

The trailer for the winter edition of Celebrity Big Brother 2012 was a simple affair, with host Brian Dowling in the Diary Room receiving the news of who would be entering the house – however the names weren’t actually revealed to the public.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 (Winter)

A short and simple advert aired for the January edition of Celebrity Big Brother, with the shows famous narrator Marcus Bentley giving the details on the new series.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 (Summer)

The first edition of Celebrity Big Brother hosted by current host Emma Willis. The series followed in the footsteps of the secrets and lies theme.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 (Winter)

For the January 2014 edition, the show went regal. The simply featured the shows iconic eye logo with narrator Marcus Bentley giving the series details.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 (Summer)

The trailer for the shows summer series featured classic clips from previous series of Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 (Winter)

The series took on a ‘Twisted Fairytale’ theme for the winter series in 2015, with host Emma Willis narrating.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 (Summer)

Channel 5 are promising the ‘Ultimate Celebrity Battle’ for the new series of Celebrity Big Brother, where Celebrity’s from both the UK and USA will be pitted against each other to win the Big Brother crown.

Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 5 on Thursday August 27th at 9pm.


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