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Perez Hilton

Age: 36
Occupation: Celebrity Blogger

What made you want to come over here and do Big Brother?

Well I am officially a celebrity now or will be when I enter the Big Brother house. But this last year was a big one for me. I celebrated many milestones, one of which was my ten year anniversary of blogging. I started in September 2004 and while I have a lot of awareness, people know the name Perez Hilton, but people don’t know who I really am. So it was an exciting opportunity to show a whole bunch of people the real me.

What do you want them to see?

Hopefully, as time goes on, if I’m lucky enough to stay in the house, they’ll discover the difference between the persona and the character and the person behind that.

Is there a big gap between the two?

Absolutely. I definitely brought fun outfits that Perez would definitely wear but I wouldn’t wear in my everyday a life, but this is work and fun. I’m there to have fun and it is a job too. So I wanted to bring Perez’s best looks out.

So do you see yourself as a celebrity now?

I don’t really see myself as a celebrity because that is a different kind of fame. I have notoriety or infamy more than celebrity. I am probably not wanted in as many places as I am wanted. I am probably more disliked than I am liked. And that is fine. I’m still in the Big Brother house and I love my life. I’m happy.

So do you want people to see that you’re a nice guy really?

I think that is for people to decide. I like to think that I am a nice guy. A lot of people have this notion of who I used to be as their current notion of who I still am and that isn’t the person that I currently am. I have grown over the years and I have matured. I used to say if someone doesn’t like what I say they shouldn’t read my website. That is a really young, naive thing to say. I’m excited to just have fun and expect the unexpected.

You’re a Dad now. Is that part of the reason for trying to change?

No. I’m just smart and I know that if I want to have longevity, people need to become invested in me as a person. That is why Kim Kardashian is so successful. The people who like her really like her and they are invested in her. I want to be working in another ten years and to do that you need fans. I don’t have any fans, I have readers and I don’t have a lot of likability. I’m not viewing it as a game, I’m viewing it as fun and I am really going to be myself. And I am confident in who that person is. I am fun and fabulous and fearless. Those are my three words and I have been repeating them a lot!

Is it harder to come over and do this as an American?

There has only ever been one American that has won and that happened last season. So the chances of it happening two seasons consecutively are very slim. Having said that anything is possible!

Do you have a good idea of who is in the house?

It’s my job to know things! I’m more curious to hear about these people and hear their stories because a lot of them are older and have had long careers. But I’m happy to share stories. I’m an open book. I may not share immediately. That might be one way to play a game. You’ve got to keep viewers wanting more. I’m smarter than your average bear!

What do you think about people who play games?

I see right through them. I invented the game. I know how to bend the rules. I’ve already bent the rules.

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