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Big Brother

Big Brother returns with 12 new housemates, but who are the others?

Big Brother has returned to our screens with an almighty bang!

The new series kicked off this evening, as a new batch of housemates settled in to their new abode for the summer! As has been reported, the house is made up of  a combination of normos and Z listers – some of whom have achieved minor celebrity status through other reality TV shows and media exposure.

But, of course, it wouldn’t be Big Brother without someone throwing a spanner in the works – and this year it all change.

This year – there are 2 houses. In one house – you have your ordinary, bog stanard(ish) housemates – but in the other you have, well… the others!

The others are a bunch of non housemates who are living in the second house, unbeknownst to the housemates next door. They must remain undetected – and work to take down the housemates to earn their place in the house.

Tonights launch saw the 12 actual housemates asked to pick a word that best described them – Bossy, Game player, Naughty, Sensitive, Intelligent, Leader, Sexy, Honest, Beautiful, Fiery, Ruthless, Secretive.

Housemates were given a minute to decide and had to stand behind the word they thought best described them.

Big Brother then asked the others to choose a housemate to target based on how they described themselves. They decided to target Laura, the housemate who has described themselves as Sexy.

Big Brother then returned to the housemates to reveal Laura was nominated for eviction and that she must nominate one other housemate to face eviction.

She chose “Lateysha” because she hadn’t spoken to her as much as everyone else.

Emma revealed that everything wasn’t as it seemed – and that the others would be given more information on the housemates later tonight.

But what does it all mean? Are Laura and Lateysha facing eviction? Truthfully – we don’t know but there is only one way to find out! Stick with Big Blagger

Let us know what you thought of the live launch show by tweeting us @bigblaggeruk using #bbuk

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